The installers of CNI worried about the increase of the periodic inspections of the heating and air conditioning systems.

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At the 19 Board of Directors, they shared experiences and opinions with the rest of the participants on matters of interest to the installers, such as the unstoppable progress of the legislation in compliance with the European Energy Efficiency Directives and the repercussion in the field of installations in buildings.

The next modifications in Spain of the Regulation of Security of Refrigerating Installations, the Regulation of Thermal Installations or the Technical Code of the Edificación, as well as the next modification of the European Directive of Energetic Efficiency in the Buildings, were some of the subjects treated: "EWe are seriously concerned about the enormous increase in the draft of the Directive of the minimum limits from which periodic inspections of heating and air conditioning systems are mandatory. This would exclude many systems from inspections, which would inevitably have a negative impact on the performance and energy efficiency of the equipment. "

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