First plant for 120.000 tons of roasted pellets in Portugal

Yilkins BV supplies the technology of the first plant for 120.000 tons of roasted pellets in Portugal

The start-up of bioenergy Futerra Torrefaçao e Tecnologia SA revealed that it began the construction of its first pellet production plant on a commercial scale in Valongo, Portugal. The plant will have an annual production capacity of 120.000 tons of roasted pellets and 55.000 tons of industrial wood pellets.

According to Henk Hutting, president and co-founder of Futerra Fuels, roasting will play a fundamental role in the future of biomass for power generation.

Roasted pellets have a cleaner combustion than regular pellets and can be manufactured from a much wider variety of biomass feedstocks, such as pastures and agricultural residues. With roasting we can create a new generation of biomass fuel that can be produced sustainably and, at the same time, compete on an economically viable basis, said Henk Hutting.

Roasting is a promising technology that can significantly affect transportation costs for wood pellet supply chains.

According to Futerra Fuels, the highest calorific value of the pellets pelleted: 21 GJ / ton or even more.

We are currently setting up test projects in residential boilers to validate our assumptions, Hutting said.

This new technology, designed and supplied by Yilkins BV, Based in the Netherlands, it is a precursor to the Futerra Fuels deployment of new production plants, initially in Europe and America.