Spain, will celebrate its own day of the bioenergy the 3 of December

Use of biomass by countries

Spain, far behind compared to other countries in our environment, will hold its own #bioenergyday on December 3, the same day as in 2017. In general terms there have been no variations.

Countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Hungary have seen a net increase in bioenergy consumption of up to 4 days compared to last year. The symbolic date of November's 19 is celebrated as the "European Day of Bioenergy".

Portugal with 58 days, Italy with 43 and France with 35 days take us too much advantage, being as we are on the one hand the third country in wooded forested area with a great need to improve forest management and fight against rural abandonment, and on the other hand side having one of the most important agri-food industries at European level.