Bosch Marín presents Kratki wood stoves and fireplaces in Expobiomasa

Bosch Marin presents Kratki

Bosch Marín presents the stoves and fireplaces both gas and wood of the Polish firm Kratki in Expobiomasa. The signature of chimneys has made an important advance in terms of quantity and quality of products.

It presents several models to gas and firewood. Wood burning stoves with ceramic interior, double combustion, high performance and slow combustion. Kratki prices are highly competitive, good value for money-design.

Fireplaces, double combustion, high performance and slow combustion. Also insertable stoves of similar characteristics. Kratki, which means grid in Polish, is the leading manufacturer of ventilation grilles. Different versions of homes: guillotine door island appliances, with three-sided view of the fire. They are also available in two views.

Bosch Marín y Short will be present at EXPOBIOMASA 2019.

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