Biomass boilers: the market evolves favorably and sees the future with optimism

The boiler market advances

The biomass boiler market has had a positive evolution in recent years and, in the opinion of the majority of the manufacturers that operate in this sector, this will continue in the medium term. The sale of biomass boilers in Spain increased by 8,7% in 2017, according to data from the Biomass Observatory.

The market suffered a strong boom when the price of oil rose strongly a few years ago. To the increase in the price of diesel, he joined the irruption of the pellet as fuel and the rise of social awareness about saving and the environment.

The drop in the price of diesel has slowed down the market somewhat, but the pellet boiler segment has already reached its point of maturity and stability, and the manufacturers' estimate is that stability will be maintained and growth in the coming years.

In addition, the use of biomass as fuel protects the user from problems of supplying other types of fuels such as gas and diesel, which tend to come from more unstable geographical areas. The use of pellets, a local energy, does not generate problems of that type.

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