Biocurve winner of the national phase of the QIA award

Biocurve wins qia award

The QIA Awards is an annual international competition of which 18 countries are part, whose objective is to promote innovative projects in companies and organizations and internationally recognize the most innovative projects.

Starting from a different conception of the two essential parts of a boiler (burner and exchanger), the company has been able to conceive, develop and successfully implement a biomass boiler, environmentally friendly, with a performance far superior to the best existing biomass boilers in the market.

BioCurve has designed two improvements in the critical processes of the boiler: combustion, where up to 700ºC are generated, and the transfer of that energy to the heating water, which has led the company to develop and patent several products. BioCurve has also had a rapid expansion and this boiler is available in Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa and, starting next season, in Germany.

BioCurve will be present at Expobiomasa 2019 presenting its novelties.

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