A unique fair for the sector

Expobiomasa, A unique fair for the sector
#Biomass employs 35.000 professionals in Spain and 500.000 in Europe.

Visitors and exhibitors gain more contacts in three days than in the whole of the rest of the year .Even though there are now a thousand tools to stay in touch, it is clear that the 25,000 or more professionals working in this sector in Spain like to have personal commercial relationships. This is a professional fair, where three quarters of the visitors are already working or participating in projects linked to biomass, and the others are there to find the products and services they need to join in.

It is a chance to make contact with professionals from over 40 countries (10.53% of visitors are from outside Spain) and to have on hand the greatest platform for innovations, new ideas and trends for products and services aimed at producing biofuels and generating electricity from them. That makes Expobiomasa “unique”. For 60% of visitors, it is the only fair in the sector they will attend during the year.

It will also be unique in having exhibition halls equipped with smoke extractors so that visitors can appreciate how equipment works rather than just seeing it in the catalogue. Only 6% of exhibitors thought there were better fairs than Expobiomasa, although they still considered it made a notable increase in their sales according to the organizers’ survey data.