biohydrogen production in Spain

The biofuel of the future will probably be hydrogen. The H2 is the gas with the highest energy density per unit mass, it has a clean combustion, because it only generates water; and its use can be either for the production of electricity in fuel cells or for direct combustion. It is undeniable that it also has other associated problems and difficulties, but will be overcome as its production and consumption expand.

Currently one of the main problem of hydrogen is its production.

One of the ways to produce renewable hydrogen is biogas. And it is energetically positive, unlike most other industrial methods that are energy deficient.

Biogas has always been considered a mixture of gases of organic origin, with methane being the fuel gas. But it does not have to be like that. The technology of biochemical processes allows us to modify metabolic routes to favor the production of hydrogen. And that is what AGF has demonstrated on an industrial scale.

After years of research in this field, and after the first year of operation in the plant BIOGASNALIA, it has been achieved that a gas with more than 50% biohydrogen is being generated, being able to reach values ​​higher than 70%. In boilers, to produce saturated steam, a gas is being combusted with less than 35% methane, with stable production in the plant. It has been shown that the technology is ready to generate biohydrogen with a production cost as low as that of the MWh in the form of methane in the traditional biogas.

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