Pellet production multiplied by 2,7 in Spain from 2012

Pellet market statistics

The 85% of the pellet manufactured in Spain is certified with the quality seal ENplus®, according to the Spanish Association of Energy Valorization of Biomass, Avebiom, which manages this certification since its implementation in 2011.

From 2011 to 2018 have been issued in Spain a total of 52 ENplus® certificates with production scope and 26 with commercialization scope, which places Spain among the countries with more certified companies in Europe, along with Germany, Austria and Italy.

The pellet is the type of biofuel made with biomass that has burst with more force in the national market during the last seven years, when going from the 250.000 tons manufactured in 2012 to the 684.000 of 2018. By Autonomous Communities, in which they locate the factories with a greater volume of pellet production are: Galicia, where the 97% of the total produced has the ENplus® seal; Andalusia (96%), Castilla y León (92%) and Catalonia (91%).

The leading companies in the production of ENplus® pellets from Southern Europe and Latin America will meet in September at Expobiomasa, the industry's event in 2019.