ENDESA, REPSOL and NATURGY are the most polluting companies in emissions that affect climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions by sector

Last Monday, 22, April, World Earth Day, the Observatory of Sustainability published an executive summary on the most polluting companies in the country with the motive of remembering that if we do not decarbonise all the sectors of our economy in the next decades, it is probable that the temperatures increase over the 2 degrees, with devastating consequences.

Other countries have already started their path towards decarbonization, between 1990 and 2016 England has reduced them by 39%, Germany by 27%, Belgium by 20%, Italy by 18%, Holland by 12%, while in Spain by 13%. Now Spain must take these measures in much less time, and measures closely linked to the support of renewable energies, such as biomass, instead of continuing to support the consumption of fossil fuels.

By sectors it is observed that the main pollutant sector continues to be the burning of fossil fuels, that is, coal, diesel and gas, with an 53%, followed by the refineries themselves with an 11%, cement with another 11%, the production of steel with an 5%, aviation with an 4%, etc. And by companies, because the typical energy companies that also send billions of euros to third countries: ENDESA, REPSOL, NATURGY-GAS NATURAL, ...