Location, chimney and power: 3 aspects to consider when buying a pellet stove


When it comes to heating your house if you are looking for savings and sustainability, a pellet or biomass stove is one of the most efficient heating systems. And according to indicate from www.aquatubo.com When purchasing one of these systems you must take into account 3 essential features:

The place where you are going to place your stove is very important since the heat produced by a pellet stove will reach those areas that are in contact with the stove.

You must choose a point well located in an open area of ​​your home, since you must take into account that the heat produced by the stove is propagated by air currents that emit, so it is advisable to circulate through open spaces in which this current is not interrupted.

These stoves need an exit to the outside, so you probably need to make a hole in one of the walls so you can pass a tube about 8 cm in diameter. On the outside, the pipe must climb 50cm above the roof or roof, also taking into account the bonnet. This height is necessary to facilitate the evacuation of fumes.

To make a correct calculation of the power you need to heat a house, it is important to take into account the climatic zone where you live or the quality of the insulation that the building has. But for you to have an orientation we can say that you need 1KW to heat some 10 square meters so for a stay of 50 meters you would need an 5KW stove approximately.

Source: https://aquatubo.wordpress.com/2019/01/24/3-aspectos-a-tener-en-cuenta-al-comprar-una-estufa-de-pellets/