New designs in the Industrial Range of LASIAN biomass boilers

biomass boilers
They work with different types of solid fuels such as pellets, almond shells, pomace and olive pits.

The past 28 of April, LASIAN, a national manufacturer of biomass boilers since 1967, held a technical-commercial conference to present the new designs of its Industrial Range boilers:

  • BIOCOMPACT: Powers from 200 kW to 4000 kW, robust and resistant, with 3 horizontal smoke passages, outcrop burner, manual or semi-manual cleaning, and multiple options and accessories. It is the most suitable for use in all types of applications no matter how demanding, industry, dryers, greenhouses, etc.


  • BIOCOMPACT-SAWDUST: Powers from 500 kW to 2500 kW, specially designed to burn fuel in the form of sawdust, both of natural origin and derived from agglomerates, DM, etc. Its innovative sawdust burner mixes air and fuel, just like a gas or oil burner. It is ideal for factories that generate sawdust in their production process.


  • BIOMODULAR: Powers from 180 kW to 520 kW, boiler based on the BIOCOMPACT range and with the same options, but built by elements, to facilitate its installation in boiler rooms with difficult access and where it is not feasible to introduce another type of Biomass boiler.


  • BIOCOMBY: Powers from 80 kW to 230 kW, boiler with outcrop burner, for manual use, simple, economical and very versatile because its hopper, smoke outlet, ash compactor, etc., can be adapted according to the needs of the room of boilers. Ideal for farms, rural hotels, industry, etc.


  • BIOSELECT: Powers from 100 kW to 2.000 kW, fully automatic boiler, with mobile grate burner, combustion chamber with refractory, PLC control and lambda probe, automatic cleaning of the flue gas exchanger, and various ash collection systems. It is ideal for environments where a boiler with the highest level of automation and performance is required.


The interest in the use of biomass fuels was confirmed by the attendees, due to the great advantages they offer. In the first place, because it is a renewable, ecological and sustainable energy, locally generated and close to consumption. And secondly, because of its profitability, especially at the present time when fossil fuels have doubled or tripled their price, while biomass in general, although its price has also increased, has remained within the margins of the CPI.


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