Pellet stoves, inserts and biomass equipment with Wi Fi control of Solzaima in Expobiomasa

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Alejandro Esteban, commercial delegate of Solzaima, Portuguese manufacturer of pellet stoves, wood stoves, inserts, pellet and wood boilers, presents the novelties of the firm during the Expobiomasa fair. From 8 and 10 kW pellet stoves, insertable stoves, ... to the range of industrial biomass boilers

The K400 range, 10 kW stoves of different models: PINE, LIVEASPEN, ALPES. Verniculite and cast iron interiors, tangential fans larger and quieter, and with greater air flow, ceramic resistances that provide greater durability and electronic control. The most remarkable feature of these stoves is that they are Modular and that outer part can be customizable depending on the needs of the client.

K300 range, 8 kW stoves, They share the same body and different external parts, with advanced technology and great aesthetics. The Olive model is Configurable in color and outer part by the user. Modular stoves that can be customized with a single body

Pellet inserts, which can be channelable, these models can have different forms of loading: on the side, front, by an upper tray, ... These insertable stoves can be moved through rails to facilitate the work of maintenance of the stoves. The position of the display of these inserts is placed inside the equipment, but it can be removed and placed in another place, to make it more accessible.

A new Solzaima functionality is the electronics that incorporate their equipment to Wifi control of the equipment. Through an app you can control the parameters of the equipment: temperature, fan speed, time schedules, ...

La range of automatic boilers, which incorporate improvements such as automated cleaning, ceramic resistances and reliability and experience Of the brand. They also offer different models of industrial type biomass boilers.

A complete range of heating by biomass: hidroestufas, fireplaces of wood, boilers of firewood of gasification of inverted flame of different powers, etc with the experience, reliability and innovation of Solzaima.


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