Biomasse W the wood gasification boiler for A++ central heating installations

biomass chip boiler
TEK Biomasse stoves, fireplaces and boilers are characterized by the highest quality standards.

Biomasse W is a high-efficiency wood-fired gasification boiler for central heating installations. It is the only A++ certified wood gasification boiler manufactured in Portugal.

The interior of the equipment in vermiculite, in addition to being ecological, is an insulating, resistant and aesthetic material. Thus, the heat stored in the plates is distributed over the surrounding area. The equipment is better protected against corrosion, reduces fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions.

TEK Biomass is a manufacturer of biomass heating equipment. It is a 100% Portuguese company.

It stands out in the production of boilers, stoves and pellet inserts, but its range extends to firewood equipment to meet market needs.

Product range TEK Biomass It is developed in compliance with the high European standards focused on producing 0 harmful gases to the greenhouse effect.

TEK Biomasse will be in @Expobiomass 2023