Pellets against climate change

Pellet and climate change

The use of wood pellets as a source of thermal energy is being imposed as the measure more sustainable in economic, social and environmental terms to fight against climate change. Its use encourages rural development, creates jobs and, being profitable, contributes to a sustainable, fair future with our society and the environment.

The pellets are carbon neutral

The energy use of wood pellets is carbon neutral: the carbon that plants generate with photosynthesis is released with combustion. Fossil energy emissions are completely different: carbon released into the atmosphere has accumulated and stored in the soil for millions of years!

Society already has some tools to fight against climate change, and the main one is reduce fossil fuel consumption On the other hand, they have been generating very high energy dependence for other countries and multinationals for decades.

As the current EU Renewable Energy Directive indicates, emissions for the processing and transport of biomass must be taken into account, as for other fossil fuels. The sustainability criteria in this directive ensure that these emissions are kept to a minimum with strict requirements for saving Greenhouse Gases (GHG). In addition, a good progress in research and technology development to capture and store CO2, preventing them from being emitted into the atmosphere. In any case, the consumption of a biofuel such as wood pellet produced in a nearby environment will be more sustainable than having to import it by boat from third countries thousands of kilometers away.

The same European directive guarantees that, with the environmental sustainability criteria required for all types of bioenergy, It becomes the only form of energy with a guarantee of sustainable supply, regardless of geographical origin. These criteria guarantee biodiversity, soil quality, nature protection, maintain carbon storage in the mount and significant GHG savings compared to fossil fuels.

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