ECOFRICALIA presents a new way of selling pellets

Myopellet is a sales alternative that combines economy and ecology, granting greater benefits to its users.

The modern world demands new ways of selling the products offered by the market. Technological improvements have always been key to keeping businesses up to date with the circumstances of each era, even more so in strategic and cutting-edge sectors such as energy.

With the pellet there is already an answer to this more technical world: the system myopellet of Ecofricalia.

The Myopellet system is a self-service machine that improves the shopping experience by offering the consumer a service XNUMX hours a day, every day of the year. It provides more advantages than those of traditional self-service, such as making the use of single-use containers unnecessary, since with this system it is the customer who uses the container that best suits them, such as a bucket or a raffia bag. This makes it possible to buy the quantity that is needed and not have to adapt to predefined containers and at the same time not only saves the producer economically the need to create packaging, but also helps the environment by not appearing any disposable plastic in the process. .

It is also a perfect sales system for pellet producers, since they can manufacture and market the product in a very profitable way, promoting circularity. Thus, it is possible to use the wood residues themselves or from the environment, transform them into a valuable product such as the pellet and later use the Myopellet system for sale, without extra costs of transport, packaging or sales services required in other circumstances.

It is, in short, an affordable investment with a good return having accessible customers around it: gas stations, shopping centers, agricultural cooperatives, frequent transit routes and/or attached to the business itself, are key points in which to place Myopellet to facilitate consumer access to their biofuel.

As we have seen, both the end user and the owner benefit from the use of the Myopellet system. On the one hand, the producer has a fully automatic sales system that allows him to focus on other activities and save costs. On the other hand, the consumer can buy what he needs at any given time without the need to store large amounts of fuel while acquiring it much more economically, thus obtaining a considerable reduction in annual thermal expenditure.

How can we install and use the Myopellet system?

We simply need a flat and accessible surface (if possible visible so that it is easy to locate) with access to a three-phase connection. The system has a 4Tm hopper, which would be equivalent to about 250 loads of 15Kg. To fill the sales system with the product, the pneumatic loading mouths can be used, the upper loading mouths where the bigbags are suspended to be emptied, or by means of an optional suction system.

The purchase is completely automated and digital. Through a touch screen, the transaction is carried out with a bank card. Once done, the user introduces the container in which the desired amount of pellet is going to be collected into the receptacle, which is automatically detected. The system suspends the filling of pellets, alerts the customer to remove them, stopping the supply until a new bucket or bag is placed. This action is repeated until completing the amount acquired at the beginning.

El smart system 4.0 incorporated in Myopellet automatically communicates any incident that may affect the machine. For example, it warns when the pellet level is low or when the system has suffered a breakdown. The exterior design is also customizable by the client and a screen can be added to include third-party advertising, which would result in extra income for the owner.

Myopellet, apart from improving environmental conditions in the use of biofuels, has a positive impact on all aspects. Economically, it is cheaper and more profitable for both the producer and the consumer, achieving a better price for the final product and giving versatility and independence to the entrepreneur to achieve pellet sales. It also allows direct marketing with technical means even in rural areas, not only satisfying the regular customer, but also helping to attract new pellet consumers by improving access and price, providing a great opportunity to expand the business.

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