TERMOASTRA 260, the new model of KLOVER pellet thermo-stove

biomass firewood stove
100% Made in Italy

Es one of the commercial and technological innovations presented by the Italian firm Klover. This powerful thermo-stove 26 kW rated power and a 92% yield to the maximum.

This thermo-stove or hydro-stove is designed to heat the home through the heating water circuit, such as radiators, and comes with numerous technological components:

  • Patented self-cleaning burner.
  • Automatic cleaning of tube bundles.
  • Hydraulic components included.
  • Rear and upper smoke outlet.
  • Touch screen with integrated chronothermostat.
  • Front cleaning, easy maintenance
  • WiFi included.

Klover participates in @Expobiomasa

Further information: www.klover.it