Pellet stoves, ductable stoves, hydro-stoves and kitchens from Palazzetti in Expobiomasa

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We highlight the Ecofire Anna pellet stove from 12kW, from high aesthetic value with ceramic coating and advanced technology. It is a ductile pellet stove, with independent hot air ducts with a length of up to 14 meters, ideal for distributing heat to several rooms independently. Is a waterproof stove that allows the stove to work with air from outside.

As with other models of the Italian firm (Allegro stove, Andrés stove, Julia stove, Miriam stove and Vianca Luxe stove) a careful study has been made, greatly simplifying the cleaning tasks that can be carried out without disassembling any part. it's possible connect the stove to the internet and have total control about its operation through an app, from anywhere, it shows us how the pellet load is produced, what the cleaning of the stove consists of.

Finally, Paolo Zulian, Export Area Manager of Palazzetti, shows in the video the Vilma stove, a hydro-stove that produces hot water for heating. A complete range of pellet stoves, including kitchen stoves with heating by natural convention.


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