JOTUL wins the innovation award with its innovative Electronic Combustion Control that improves wood-burning stoves such as the JOTUL F 170 and SCAN 67 models

Jotul award-winning stove
This technology allows any user to obtain the best performance and the lowest possible emissions from a wood stove.

Winner in the Technological Innovation category of the 2023 Innovation Awards

The new Electronic Combustion Control (ECC) from JOTUL GROUP improves its wood stoves to continuously achieve optimal combustion by constantly evaluating combustion and regulating the air supply in a friendly way, with minimal user intervention.

In JOTUL GROUP wood-burning stoves, it regulates the input of primary (ignition), secondary (glass cleaning) and double combustion air, making decisions based on a continuous evaluation of combustion to achieve optimal results in said stoves, guaranteeing high efficiency. and the lowest possible emissions.



The user must only load firewood and light the fire. The JOTUL GROUP ECC informs the user of the ideal moment for subsequent reloading of firewood according to colored LED light codes. The stove also detects the opening of the door thanks to a sensor located on the door. The power consumption of the JOTUL ECC is minimal and allows it to function for 500 hours of service thanks to a USB-C rechargeable battery, without additional power supply. Our technology incorporates several safety measures including a function check of the air control valve before each operating cycle, allows manual operation in the event of running out of battery, and keeps the air valves open in the event of any component failure. to allow the remaining fuel to burn.

In short, this technology allows any user to obtain the best features and the lowest possible emissions from a wood-burning stove, without the need for experience in operating their stove or any other.

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