Hargassner, 35 years of news and technology will be shown at EXPOBIOMASA 2019

Different Boilers Hargassner Biomass

To mark the 35 anniversary of the Austrian firm Hargassner The inauguration of a new building was held last June 7. They are 6.000 square meters dedicated to training and offices, which include gym, cinema, restaurant and a customer service center. The celebration had the recognition of the work of Anton Hargassner, founder of the company with the delivery of the Business Prize of the Upper Austria region and the recognition of the public, more than 800 installers, local distributors, guests, partners and suppliers.

The technological developments of the Austrian firm, which will be present next September in EXPOBIOMASA, were also protagonists:

From now on, the entire Nano-PK range is equipped with condensation technology that reaches an efficiency greater than 106%. The model is also incorporated into the range of pellet boilers Nano-PK 20-32 Plus.

The wood chip boilers Eco-HK, incorporate a new separator, the eCleaner, which reduces particle emissions. Thanks to the electrostatic charge the particles are deposited on the walls and fall through the automatic cleaning device downwards ending in the ash drawer.

The new POWER BOX, a hot air module that serves as a portable heating system capable of air conditioning tents, works, ... or to dry wood, grain, ...

And also highlighted the Hargassner KWK cogeneration plant, which produces continuously, and stably, 60 kW of heat and 20kW electricity from the gasification of wood chips with low humidity. There are currently 20 plants in operation in Austria located in District Heating, Farms, Industries, ... and will soon arrive in Spain and other countries.

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