When to choose the pellet or wood stove? PIAZZETTA ensures that the right time is summer.

piazzeta biomass stove in a home

Summer has arrived. The long-awaited time to go on vacation to relax and recharge the batteries before autumn falls. But have you thought How will you heat your house this year? Well, you should do it because, according to the PIAZZETTA GROUP, summer is the best time to be able to choose a pellet or wood stove for three reasons:

Occasions, discount and attractive prices of stoves

Summer is the best time for those looking for quality but also savings. The prices of the products in the store are subject to attractive discounts. The stores offer offers and convenient conditions of sale to advance the high season that, for the world of heating, officially opens when the first cold begins and the need to warm up is approaching.

Increased availability by the retailer

Summer is also a good time to go to the nearest stove store. By not having a lot of work as in the middle of the season, you have more time to talk with you, listen to your needs and answer any questions, concerns about operation, features, maintenance and any other aspect you want to deal with.

Installation and assistance in a short time

Once the stove is purchased, the next step is to install it. Installers are usually more available to choose installation date with more attention and providing valuable advice for better efficient use and enjoy the maximum heat of a stove.

And why not in autumn?

It only remains to go to a distributor or store and choose the stove for next fall. But there is also the option to wait a bit at the beginning of the autumn and see what news presents the PIAZZETTA GROUP in EXPOBIOMASA. The Italian firm is today a large, efficient and articulate structure to which the constant technological research has allowed the development of exclusive patents aimed at improving the functionality and safety of fireplaces, stoves and boilers and the achievement of the highest qualitative standards , verified by the most severe European certifications.

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