Lacunza launches two innovative wood inserts

Novelty Lacunza

LACUNZA launches two innovators wood inserts fruit of his motivation for innovation and for responding to market needs. Wood inserts create a unique environment that goes beyond the environmental savings and sustainability that a wood appliance provides.

The wood insert Adour It allows you to enjoy the home like never before since it unites a series of differentiating elements that no other device gathered until its launch. One of its main benefits is its measure, which offers the possibility of installing it in any existing open home. In addition, it offers greater vision of fire thanks to the position of the turbines in the back, turbines that can also be stopped to offer total silence. On the other hand, it has 2 air outlets to channel with cast iron nozzles, a single lever with which the air inlets can be controlled and an external ductile intake that makes it a watertight device. Other of its many benefits are its easy installation, thanks to its removable smoke outlet from the inside, and its adjustable feet adjustable anywhere.

The new wood insert Nickel, on the other hand, it is a novelty among LACUNZA inserts since it is the first wood-burning apparatus with double face of the company. Thanks to its design, you can enjoy the fire like never before and give a modern touch to different rooms at the same time.

From the year 2022, the European Union will only accept stoves, stoves and wood burning fireplaces that comply with Ecodesign regulations. This standard will require greater energy efficiency in all products, lower emissions of CO and other uncontrolled pollutant gases.