DR HUMO presents at Expobiomasa the novelties of the chimney cleaning system with SnapLok rotary chimney sweep system

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This rotary cleaning system is capable of descaling and removing soot without having to access the roofs, minimizing the technician's risks, preventing tile breakage and allowing cleaning to be carried out regardless of weather conditions. Guaranteeing an optimal result, quickly and cleanly.

The SnapLok rotary chimney sweeping system consists of the use of high resistance flexible rods. At its upper end they have a brush and at the other end it is linked to a tool that gives the necessary rotation to the brush (drill or similar). The works are normally carried out from below, collecting all the soot in the lower part of the chimney.

Good maintenance of the chimneys is essential to guarantee the efficiency of the equipment and their proper functioning, as well as to avoid possible fires caused by the accumulation of soot. Based on the above and following the IT 3.3 Preventive Maintenance program of the Regulation for Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), it is necessary to review and clean chimneys, mainly solid fuels (biomass) at least once a year.


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