JACOB presents at Expobiomasa its easy-to-assemble modular metal pipe thanks to its patented Quick Connect clamps

For maintenance it is only necessary to change the broken or worn part.

Jacob's metallic pipe helps the assemblies and designs of industrial plants in a very simple and economical way, since they are like LEGO pieces, joined together by clamps and joints, this avoids having to weld between the pieces, in addition, to maintenance is only necessary to change the broken or worn part.

The main areas of application for the Jacob piping system are, among others, the handling of bulk solids, pneumatic conveying, and dust and vapor aspiration systems.

The common feature of all Jacob modular products is the simplicity of assembly, thanks to the patented clamps Quick Connect, which allow pipes to be linked quickly without any tools. This characteristic gives Jacob an outstanding position in all industrial sectors.

JACOB TKS - TECNICORCK SUÑER SL participates in Expobiomasa.

More info: www.tsuner.com