Biogas: projects and expectations

Wednesday 27 de SEPT. 15:30 - 18:00 h. ENplus Room, hall 1./span>

Despite the fact that this technology has not yet been implemented en masse in Spain, there are projects in progress.

Expectations are on the rise in the sector in view of development in other countries that are moving over to new systems and uses; animal waste management needs are also increasing.

For professionals, companies and R&D centres, etc. interested in learning more about and interacting with professionals involved in other projects, this promises to be the event of the year thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish Biogas Association and the Danish Embassy with the event's organisers.

Provisional agenda

15:20 Accreditation
15:30 Welcome. AVEBIOM
15.30 Expectations for the use of biogas in Spain. AEBIG.
15.45 News in the biogas sector. AINIA.
16.00 New trends in alternative fuels for transport. GASNAM.
16.15 The Navia plant. BIOGASTUR.
16.30 The Future of Biomethane: Biometagás la Galera. AGF.
16.45 Organic waste pre-treatment technology. ECOGI.
17.00 Reducing hydrogen sulphide levels. PROMINDSA.
17.15 AD-PLANTS. Robust, flexible and reliable! LUNDSBY.
17.30 Upgrading biogas to Biomethane. AMMONGAS.
17.45 Symposium, meetings with companies.
18.00 Closing. EMBASSY OF DENMARK.

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Free entrance until capacity is completed. Reservation of places in the tel: 0034 975 10 20 20