Bioenergy Day in Spain: almost a month of energy self-sufficiency thanks to biomass

Bioenergy Day in Spain
All the energy that our country requires from December 3 to the end of 2020 can be covered with biomass

For the fourth year we celebrate our Bioenergy Day, as 21 other EU states have already done, highlighting the enormous biomass potential of Spain and its strategic contribution to the success of the energy transition underway.

The European Bioenergy Day It took place on November 13, 4 days earlier than in 2019. Spain could also bring forward the date of celebration by more than a week, thanks to the positive trend maintained by thermal installations with biomass, supported by an increase in the availability of biofuels sustainable and for a more determined support of the administrations within the framework of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law.

According to the data of the Observatory of Biomass, in 2019 almost 10% more technical biomass equipment (without counting firewood) than the previous year and they already add 357.000 units and 11.570 MW of power generating thermal energy. Bioenergy employed more than 10.600 people and generated in 2019 a volume of business over 920 million euros.

With the aim of increasing the real availability of biomass, AVEBIOM has just present the first draft of the strategic plan for agrobiomass, whose enormous potential remains largely untapped. Forged thanks to the AgroBioHeat project, the document collects the vision of a large number of actors and aims to be the spring that drives the use of this important energy resource in Spain from 2021. It was presented at an online workshop opened on November 26, whose broadcast can be seen again from the association website