Why burning biomass gives life to forests

Forestry professionals working in biomass pruning

With the summer wildfires both experts, professionals and environmental groups are reminding us that Forest and land management is essential To protect them against fire. The problem is to make them profitable so that private owners, in the hands of those who are half of the forest mass can face their maintenance.

Forest biomass is one of the main resources hidden by forests and, although its use has increased in recent years, there is still room for margin. “The forests of Catalonia grow every year three million cubic meters, and we barely extract 1,2 millions, that is, we only take advantage of the 40% of its capacity of growth ”, explains Adriano Raddi, of the Technological Forestry Center of Catalonia (CTFC).

"The problem of not taking advantage of this resource is that a very dangerous biomass load is generated," Raddi warns. This reality collides with the negative connotations that logging has. “Here the problem is not deforestation, as in the Amazon, but the uncontrolled forest growthe ”, clarifies the expert.