Calordom supplies heating to 132 Neighborhood Communities and 27.000 families with BIOMASS

Calordom installation

Calordom, one of the Energy Services Companies specialized in supplying RENEWABLE HEATING with biomass to neighborhood communities already serves 27.000 families in the country with a growth of 40% in the last five years.

It is undoubtedly one of the pioneering companies promoting the biomass heating system in neighboring communities. They are in charge of transforming the boiler room and supplying heating to their clients in Madrid and Castilla y León using 44.000 tons of biomass annually, of which 73% is pellets.

It has recently opened headquarters in León to help replace old coal fires with modern renewable energy installations that in addition to fighting climate change generates hundreds of jobs in the biomass producing regions. In fact, Calordom already directly employs 160 people.

Aware that all coal heaters must disappear in 2022, they have joined objectives and commercial relations with two other large companies, the Catalan GME and the Leonese Combustibles Garbosa. A trio with a combined turnover of 900 million euros.

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