II Finnish Hispano Biomass Seminar
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Finland, a country where bioenergy represents the 35% of total energy consumed in the Nordic country, it has a long tradition in the use of biomass for energy purposes.

At the beginning of the 90 decade, the development of the 'biomass energy service' model was initiated, for example, it already has more than 620 medium-sized facilities, between 300 and 6000 kW, of which 141 are municipal, which heat more than 200 schools, nurseries and geriatric residences, among other buildings. A third of these energy services facilities are also district heatings that supply heat to many customers.

In total, in Finland, half of the population is connected to a 'district heating' which has a total of more than 15.000 kilometers of hot water supply networks. 

The good relations with companies, associations and Finnish administrations have favored the celebration of the next 25 of September of 2019 in Feria de Valladolid, the celebration of the Finland Day at Expobiomasa 2019. Coinciding with the II FINNISH HISPANIC SEMINAR of BIOMASA. 



Responsible district heating with biomass. Mr. Hannes Tuohiniitty. Bioenergy Association of Finland PDF (4,4 MB)
Andritz Biomass Boilers. Sr. Ilkka Venäläinen. Andritz PDF (2,6 MB)
Condens Cleaning and heat recovery technology. Mr. Okko Niskanen. Condens PDF (0,9 MB)
Coresto. On-line corrosion monitoring system for the boiler optimization, maintenance and efficiency improvement. Mr. Kari Kärkkäinen. Coresto  
Presentation of Indufor Group. Dr. Silja Siitonen. Indufor PDF (0,4 MB)
Fuel control. Real-time solid fuel quality measurement system. Mr. Janne Kovanen. Inray PDF (1 MB)
KPA Unicon. Energy for good. Mrs. Ada Herranen. KPA Unicon PDF (1,8 MB)


The 2nd Finnish Hispano Biomass Seminar has the collaboration of: 

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